Home Lighting Tips With Feng Shui

You can greatly enhance your home decor with a few tips with the use of Feng Shui. Feng Shui is using ying and yang to activate the positive energy in various areas of your life so it is quite easy to use lighting with Feng Shui to achieve this.

To bring fame to your life make sure to add a bright light in this area (S). Basically the light needs to face up and highlight a particular part of that area. For example if you want to highlight your life goals, you need to illuminate an object that symbolizes that.

For career enhancements you need a medium light using blue light. This should be facing north.

When it comes to attracting wealth (facing SE), you need to place a vertical light in rectangular form that gives the impression of growth.

For knowledge (going towards NE) increase, you need a small light source that illuminates your work straight on. You can achieve that with a task lamp, including either a book lamp or a desk lamp.

Family (facing E) is easily focused on by having a lighting source in the living room or the main room in the house. If you have a fireplace you can also use that as source, giving out warmth and closeness in the family.

Personal relationships (facing SW) are kept alive with a small lamp with a cute pink or green lamp shade. Pink means love so it is perfect in a lampshade. The living room or even better the bedroom are the perfect places to place the lamp.

As you can see you can benefit from Feng Shui in all aspects of your life, from family, career, finances, love and relationships, wisdom and knowledge, pretty much everywhere. However you should not highlight all of these aspects at the same time. Choose a maximum of two areas at any given time.