Home Lighting Tips

Deciding what type of home lighting you need to buy can be tough if you don’t have a rudimentary understanding of the three basic lighting categories in the home. Even though there are thousands of different light fixtures available they fall into one of the three task, accent, or ambient.

The first is task lighting. These fixtures are usually single lights that are directed at the work surface. You’ll find this type of light best used in the kitchen or anywhere you need a specific type of light that illuminates your work. It also works great for reading purposes.

The second category is accent lighting. These types of light fixtures are primarily used to focus attention on a specific piece of art work, painting, or picture.

The third category is ambient lighting. This type of light fixture provides a general type of light that illuminates the whole room.

It is advised that choosing your bulb is often better done before you choose a light fixture. The type of light you choose is more a personal taste than a scientific one. You may want to consider trying to find something that is energy efficient. There are a lot of different types of bulbs to choose from. Some of them are more energy efficient than others. I suggest you do some research on bulbs before you decide to purchase any.

Lighting fixtures range from surface mounted to recess lights. You can even get ones that are suspended from a chain or cord. Task lights are usually not hard wired, but come with a cord you plug into a receptacle. You should find all the necessary hardware with your chosen fixture to be able mount it to any standard box. Though I would recommend adding a tougher attachment if your particular light fixture is too heavy.

Most recessed lighting comes pre-wired and grounded to its housing box. Make sure it has enough clearance above the ceiling to be able to easily install it. These types of fixtures work great if you are installing them below an attic.

When installing down lights be warned that they produce an exceptional amount of heat and need to be kept away from flammable material. You can find some that are rated for direct contact with the surrounding material. Shop around if you’d feel safer with these types, though you may need to pay more for them.