Home Lighting

Whether you plan to put your home up for sale soon, or simply want to freshen up its appearance, curb appeal tips for home lighting can help. Perception is everything and the right lighting can greatly alter the appearance of a space – both outdoors and indoors. Unless you are a licensed electrician, your best and safest bet would be to hire an electrical contractor. In many metropolitan areas, there are a number of licensed professionals who can help.

Conduct a Walk-through

For home lighting options, conduct a walk-through of your house – both inside and out – to get an idea of where additional or alternative lighting would be most advantageous. Do this walk-through during the day as well as at dusk and nighttime to get a good idea of your current lighting situation. Pay close attention to dark corners that may need light as well as those areas that fall in shadow.

Once you have identified the areas that would best benefit from additional lighting, decide what fixtures you want. For example, curb appeal tips for home lighting outdoors may include recessed lights for a covered patio or porch overhang. You may need lights installed near your garage or parking area to eliminate shadows where intruders may hide. Solar or motion-sensor lights are options for your garden or landscaped areas. Create an attractive invitation to visit your home with special lights to illuminate your front door or even front walkway.

Inside your home are many opportunities for home lighting elements. Wall sconces may dress up a hallway or winding staircase and are great additions to the bathroom too. Recessed lights are ideal options for decorative nooks and workspaces in the kitchen, hobby room, basement stairs and garage. Perhaps you may consider an upgrade to a chandelier for your front foyer or dining area to make a dramatic visual impact.

An Electrical Professional is an Asset

If you have large rooms that serve multiple purposes, you will want to talk with the electrical contractor you hire about creating lighting zones. For instance, in the family room where everyone congregates for games and television, you may also have a reading nook or home office. How you use the space typically dictates the type of lighting you need and likely will require separate switches or controls so these areas can be illuminated independently.

You can benefit from the experience and knowledge of your licensed electrician as they bring your curb appeal tips for home lighting to fruition. They know how to run new wiring as well as hook up to existing circuits according to current electrical code to ensure the utmost safety of your home. Doing the work yourself or hiring an unlicensed, cheaper electrician puts your home and family’s safety at risk. Your house is your most valuable asset so protect it by hiring a professional.