A Few Home Lighting Tips

A properly lit home is necessary for many reasons. It not only makes the home seem alive, but it also brightens up the home. It can emphasize the good points of the room and take attention away from areas you don’t like. But lighting goes beyond that, it can bring a good energy into the home. Here are a few home lighting tips with feng shui that can help you utilize that energy.

The theory behind lighting and feng shui is about chi energy. Light is important in balancing the chi energy in a home, the yin and yang. Windows are a big help in bringing in light, but sometimes there are not enough windows or enough light entering the windows and this is why it is important to add extra lighting to the home. With lamps you are able to place them in powering places to help the chi energy keep balanced and flow.

Where lights are placed in a house or in an area are very important. Every direction from north to south plays a role in the balance of energy and lights placed in specific areas add energy not only to the home but to a person’s life. Feng shui helps to activate or add energy into areas of life when used correctly, and lighting is one way to enhance the energies of specific areas of life.

If a bright light is situated at the south side of a room, especially if it illuminates a specific spot that highlights something to do with your goals or a symbol of your goals, it brings fame and recognition. In the southeast, a vertical rectangular light will represent upward growth when it comes to wealth. The southwest area is good for relationships and a decorative lamp with pinks or greens to represent love and growth should be placed in a living room or bedroom.

A lamp located at the northwest can activate energy on career. This should be a medium light that is not overpowering with a blue lightshade or even a blue light. When travel and people need attention, a globe lamp or spotlight on a globe on the northwest side will keep the energy flowing in the northwest area. A small lamp that can be easily moved, like a desk lamp, in the northeast can activate knowledge energy.

Family is an important part of balance; a balanced family creates a balanced home. To help promote the warmth and closeness in a family a light on the east side of a room should be used. The family room is the ideal place for this and even a fireplace can be the source of that energy and light as it promotes warmth and energy with Feng Shui.

Children and creativity can go hand in hand and in those cases, unique lighting should be used from the west. This can be in a family room or a child’s bedroom and it should be a fun light, even silly. Medium light is best so that the area is not over activated, which can cause kids to be over activated also.