Indoor and Outdoor Home Lighting

A house may never be truly comfortable unless you get the lighting right. You need to know how much light you need in order for your home to be appropriate for your needs. Remember that poor lighting can undermine the efforts that you have put in decorating your home. Also, you can get your tasks done as quickly as possible when you have the best possible lighting setup.

Keep in mind what you are using the particular rooms for. Different rooms in your house can have different lighting setups. This is an ideal thing to do as each room might be used for a specific purpose. For example, the kitchen has to be well lit. You wouldn’t want to meet accidents while cutting with your kitchen knife or while you are handling hot pots. Bedrooms can have bright and dimmed lighting. If you do a lot of reading and studying in your bedroom, you will need sufficient amount of light for these activities. However, if you are already in the mood to rest, a dimmed lighting setup can be best to have. Make use of lamp shades and recessed lighting installed on walls.

In order to be flexible, make sure that you have several light sources for every room in your house. There may be times when you will not need to light the whole place when you walk into a particular room. Be sure to have small sources of light which can be beneficial at night.

The right set of lights can also transform your house into a party venue. Add some blinking or disco lights to complete your party lighting needs.

Also, lighting isn’t just for a party or for your comfort. A correct lighting setup can help secure your home. Do not forget to install lights outside of your home. Your walkways, backyard and porch should have some source of light. The switches should be located somewhere inside your home. This can allow you to turn the lights on without leaving the security of your house.

One more thing that you have to remember about outdoor lighting is on how bright your lights should be. If you have a wide space that you need to light up, you can use powerful bulbs. However, if you are located in a small neighborhood or when your neighbors live really close by, you need to consider getting less powerful lights. Your neighbors might complain and be disturbed about the amount of light that is coming from your property.

Take a look at the cost of every light bulb that you are going to buy. Furthermore, determine the amount of energy that these bulbs will consume. Buying energy efficient products will not only help save the environment, they can also help you have lower electricity bills.

Be ready to change your lighting setups for the holidays. A very famous holiday when lights are used is Christmas. It can be great to play with your lights and decorate in order to celebrate the season.

Home Lighting Tips With Feng Shui

You can greatly enhance your home decor with a few tips with the use of Feng Shui. Feng Shui is using ying and yang to activate the positive energy in various areas of your life so it is quite easy to use lighting with Feng Shui to achieve this.

To bring fame to your life make sure to add a bright light in this area (S). Basically the light needs to face up and highlight a particular part of that area. For example if you want to highlight your life goals, you need to illuminate an object that symbolizes that.

For career enhancements you need a medium light using blue light. This should be facing north.

When it comes to attracting wealth (facing SE), you need to place a vertical light in rectangular form that gives the impression of growth.

For knowledge (going towards NE) increase, you need a small light source that illuminates your work straight on. You can achieve that with a task lamp, including either a book lamp or a desk lamp.

Family (facing E) is easily focused on by having a lighting source in the living room or the main room in the house. If you have a fireplace you can also use that as source, giving out warmth and closeness in the family.

Personal relationships (facing SW) are kept alive with a small lamp with a cute pink or green lamp shade. Pink means love so it is perfect in a lampshade. The living room or even better the bedroom are the perfect places to place the lamp.

As you can see you can benefit from Feng Shui in all aspects of your life, from family, career, finances, love and relationships, wisdom and knowledge, pretty much everywhere. However you should not highlight all of these aspects at the same time. Choose a maximum of two areas at any given time.

Home Lighting Tips and Ideas

Investing in interior decoration is not enough. You need to couple the d├ęcor with the right type of lighting as well to impress your guests and visitors. Some people think that choosing lighting is easy. But this is not entirely true. First things first, you need to understand the importance of choosing the right lighting. The primary purpose of lighting is to help people see. However, the right type of lighting can also be a mood changer. For example, you and your wife have had a tussle in the morning and want to say sorry in the evening, dim the lights and set the mood to impress your partner with a little bit of wine.

Here are some important tips to keep in mind when choosing lighting solutions for your home:

Keep in mind the natural lighting

All houses have a certain amount of natural light and ventilation. While investing in lighting solutions, take into account the natural light coming into your home. If you have chosen the right home, chances are you will save considerably on the lighting solutions.

The number of electrical points in the house

Investing in lighting solutions is just one part of the story, you will also need to get them fixed, wouldn’t you? Therefore, while buying lighting solutions, think of the number of electrical points that your house has. In fact, get a survey and find out the number of points that you can add to the existing connections.

Lighting differs according to the area of the house

Dining room may need to be nice and bright but your bedroom needs to be more private and therefore dimly lit. After all, you are not going to carry the professional conversations to the bedroom, are you?

Match it with your wall colour

Believe it or not, matching the light with your wall colour can be a great idea. You can use the reflections to create a mesmerizing contrast of hues that is sure to accentuate the beauty of your interiors.

LED’s are in

The modern day lighting solutions need to be stylish yet affordable. Thanks to their low power consumptions and an interesting array of designs to choose from, LED fits the bill perfectly. So, if you are buying lighting solutions for your home or office, LED has to be on top of the list.

Home Lighting Tips And Ideas

Choosing the right lighting for your home is important. The correct lighting can change the mood and look of a room, and in the case of rooms like kitchens, bathrooms, and utility rooms, lighting is essential for everyday tasks within the home.

A dark and dingy hall way could be brightened up and make your entire home seem welcoming with the right lighting.

Here are some tips to help you with your lighting choices.

The types of light fitting and bulbs are considered. Energy efficient, bulb brightness and the type of light will all affect the sort of bulb and fitting you will need.

Custom lighting also often uses unusual combinations of bulbs because they are design pieces that’s made to beautify as well as functionality.

Consider you budget when you are choosing lighting. You will now how much you are willing to spend. The type of room you are lighting will also affect your budget.

For example, you won’t want to spend as much on lighting for you utility room as you might for your lounge area, dining room or for any feature lighting like the light in a stair well or hall.

The first step is to consider each the room you are buying for. Think about how the rooms used, the layout of it and the levels of natural light it gets. You should also consider the colour scheme of the room, the size and the window treatments, These will all have a direct effect on the type, style and design of light you buy.

Shop with a reputable supplier of high quality lighting, that way you will be able to ask questions and get the right advice form the experts. They will know the best sort of fittings, bulbs and lights to recommend to you.

It’s also important that you make sure it is a reputable supplier so that you can trust that the lights you buy are reliable and well made. Electric lighting that has not been made to the correct safety and manufacturing standards are extremely dangerous and a fire hazard.

Shopping only with an experience and well-known supplier will give you the peace f mind that you are purchasing good quality equipment for your home.

Just like other items for the interior of your home, lighting design as its fashions. Think about how your home and each room get’s decorated and the style of the furniture you use.

This will help you pick the right design of light. Also, it’s worth remembering that sometimes buying a highly unusual light and that very modern can sometimes look out-of-place and out of fashion quickly. Instead, try to choose lighting that as a timeless quality to it and that will look beautiful for a several years.

Always ask as many questions as possible and get prices for the lights as well as fitting them. While some homeowners are able to fit lighting themselves, for many there will be the extra need of an electrician.